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Banana Cake Rum

Banana Cake Rum


ABV 47%



Indulge in the captivating delight of Banana Cake Voyage—an exploration inspired by the timeless joy of freshly baked banana cake. Ripe bananas harmonise with the caress of vanilla and a hint of nutmeg, evoking cherished memories of shared moments.


Step into the realm of Banana Cake Flavoured Rum, where the opulence of ripe bananas converges with the allure of Caribbean rum. This blend encapsulates Jamaica's tropical allure, the esteemed Blue Banana, and the island's affinity for rum, all intricately woven into a unique fusion.


Jamaica's bountiful sugarcane yields a rum of unparalleled richness, infusing the banana cake's taste with the embracing warmth of the Caribbean. Each sip resonates with the charm of the islands, embracing you in an unforgettable experience.


Ripe bananas, the spirited essence of the Caribbean, and the heart of Jamaica unite to craft an unparalleled sensory journey. Whether savoured neat, on the rocks, or in exquisitely crafted cocktails, our Banana Cake Flavoured Rum pays homage to the enchanting flavours of the tropics.


Much like the cherished cake itself, our rum captures the very essence of time honoured flavours, transcending generations and cultures. By merging the affection for banana cake, the vitality of Jamaica's spirit, and the origin of rum, each sip becomes an ode to the finest experiences life has to offer.

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